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Scenes around McMurdo Station
icebreaker.jpg (61098 bytes) The US Coast Guard ice breaker, the Polar Star breaks its way into McMurdo Sound during the month of January. They clear the path for incoming cargo ships that drop off precious cargo to the station. It originates from Seattle, Washington (sister ship USCGC Polar Sea), where it makes its way to Antarctica annually.
vxegreenwave.jpg (49726 bytes) The cargo ship "Greenwave" carries in precious cargo for the winter months ahead for McMurdo Station. En route to Antarctica, it stops at Port Hueneme, California where it onloads military supplies for the US Navy. From there, it cruises through the Pacific, stopping at various locations throughout the world before it finally reaches its destination.
obhill.jpg (47821 bytes) Observation hill (Ob hill for short) lies on the base of McMurdo Station and is the most visible and prominent landscape. The hill itself is about 750 feet high. Atop, one can see all the beauty and grandeur of the Ross ice shelf, nearby Mount Erebus to the north, Crater Hill, Williams Field (permanent ice runway) and the huts of Scott Base.
scotthut.jpg (48399 bytes) The Discovery Hut (Scott's Hut) was erected in 1902. It was originally brought from Australia. This hut is the nearest historical artifact within the McMurdo area. New Zealand currently maintains the condition of the hut.
vcross.jpg (58836 bytes) Vince's Cross lies about 90 yards to the southwest of the Discovery hut by the edge of hut point peninsula. It was erected in 1902 commemorating Seaman George T. Vince of the British Antarctic expedition of 1901-1904, the first man to lose his life in McMurdo Sound.
mactown.jpg (42641 bytes) A view of McMurdo Station as one drives in to town from the ice runway. The green painted building on the center is the VXE-6 Admin/Support Equipment/Paraloft shop. The one to the left is the supply building. The one on the right is the Helo hangar. The center building is Crary lab, a modern facility where scientific research and studies are conducted. The leftmost brown-painted buildings are the 3-story dormitories.
chapel.jpg (58406 bytes) The Chapel of the Snows is the local area of worship for the varied population in this small town of McMurdo which houses about 1000 personnel during the summer months of October to February. A navy chaplain and a parish priest from New Zealand provide worship services for this dynamic community.
sunset.jpg (29570 bytes) Sunset at McMurdo. The sun rises in late August and sunset is not until February of the following year. This season, sunset will be on the 21st of February 1996!
byrd.jpg (46748 bytes) The Richard E. Byrd memorial is located on the west side of the National Science Foundation Chalet. It is a bronze bust of Admiral Byrd (1888-1957) who was one of Antarctica's greatest explorers. It was donated by the National Geographic Society and erected in October 1965.