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Antarctic Development Squadron Six

1955 - 1999

Disestablished 31 MARCH 1999

  Almighty God, Navy Victor Xray Echo Six is prepared to land. Grant us clear deck in the known world, for the Pirates have conducted their final raid on the Icy Contenant, and are bringing their treasures home. Treasures gained from the 44 years of soaring skies above terrain few others have seen. Treasure born of devoted and courageous aviators sharing a mission unlike any other, and the memories of what we did together for the benifit of humankind. Though we as a squadron will not fly Antarctica again in planes, we will continue the flight in the stories we have to tell.

  For like any aviators before us, we have loosed the surly bonds of earth and been blessed to reach out and touch your face. But we have also held your hiddin handiwork in trust, and seen crystalline sparkles of what could almost be your frozen tears of joy from the day of creation. Some of our own tears remain there also, for so do the spirits of our comrades who did not return with us. May their memories be ever sacred in our hearts as we remember their sacrifice, and as we pass this trust of your treasures on to those who will continue the adventures we must leave. Bless all who discover the wonders of your creation, and keep them safe wherever they now go in your name and mercy, Amen.

Chaplain Mark W. Smith

Be like Pete, don't shed a tear, when you think of VX / VXE-6 have a beer!