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To:  OAEs-and-FNGs
Subject: VX6 Plate
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 13:32:23

Hope this finds you in good health and also hope that your holidays were great.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife Phyllis and I were in our local mall here in Lancaster, PA. In a kiosk I happen to notice that they copied anything and transferred it to license plates, shirts, cups, etc. I went home and got my "Puckered Pete" patch and took it to the guy at the kiosk. To make a long story short, he and I designed the plate you see above. It now is prominently displayed on the front of our vehicle. It is a full size plate made out of heavy plastic of some sort.

I asked him if this could be done for others, perhaps a lot of others and he said no problem. You have a lot of contacts and I thought you might want to send this out to some VX6 folks out there on the net.
They can order via email to:
or call:
Mike Tully at 1-800-848-6847.
His snail mail address is
Michael P. Tully,
Image Wizard, P.O. Box  6216,
York, PA 17406.

The price for the plate is $15.95 which includes shipping. He offers a turnaround time of 5 business days and he accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, checks, etc.

He can also do T shirts ($23.95) and sweatshirts ($32.95). Us big guys would have to add $2.00 for XXL and XXXL.

Do with this a you see fit.


From: Ron May 
To:  OAEs-and-FNGs
Subject: SP 90 License Plate
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 12:52:22

Here it is..they cost me $10.65 with tax..envelope and postage will make it $12.00
Please Mail me a check made payable to :
Ron May
6897 Philips Parkway North
Jacksonville,Fl. 32256

It will take about 2 weeks from you mailing the order to me getting them made and shipped to you.
An E-mail when you have mailed your check will get me a count and speed up the process.
Thanks Ron