Douglas C/N 33337
Ordered by USAAF as TC-47B-35-DK
USAAF S/N 44-77005
Delivered to USN as R4D-7 in May 1945
Assigned to NAS Clinton OK
Assigned to NAS Quonset Point RI in Sept 1945
Assigned to to NAS San Diego CA in February 1946
Assigned to NAS Columbus OH in March 1948
Assigned to VR-23 at NAS Norfolk VA in August 1948
Converted to R4D-8 in early 1950s and assigned new Douglas s/n 43339
Converted to R4D-8L
Assigned to VX-6 1 October 1957
Redesignated LC-117D in 1962.
Withdrawn from use Jan 1967 at McMurdo Sound Antarctica
Disposition:  Damaged beyond repair January 1968 during ship board loading, set on an ice flow, drifted out to sea in the Ross Sound Antarctica.
99853JATOtakeoff (1).jpg (39410 bytes)
JATO takeoff
From Buz:
In Deep Freeze III, in a rough landing at Little A-5, the landing gear was damaged necessitating emergency repairs to get the plane home. It was sent to Jacksonville and the entire mid-box section of the wing was rebuilt using three-times stronger material than originally called for. After this, nobody knew what condition the aircraft was in so they gave it to me for deployment that year. Henceforth the name of "Wilshie Duit". It turned out I flew the same two engines for two complete deployments without a bauble. And, in Deep Freeze 60, it was the first plane into all outlying stations.
After I left, the plane changed hands and, consequently the name was changed to Divine Wind.....which is Kamakaze.
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Date: Mon, 29 May 2000
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BUNO 99853 was dropped from the sling when it was being loaded aboard the USNS Towle. It was left on the ice and drifted away after the next season.
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Date: Mon, 29 May 2000
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Yes, Gus, It was my bird.......99853......that was dropped. I cried when I heard about it........and still shed tears at the thought.