Douglas C/N 25424
Ordered by USAAF as C-47A-30-DK
USAAF S/N 43-48163
Delivered to USN as R4D-5 at NAS San Diego in  July 1944
Assigned to To VH-3 in July 1944
Assigned to VE-3 in Dec 1944
Assigned to VE-2 in Jan 1945
Assigned to VRE-1 in Mar 1945
Assigned to VR-13 in Apr 1945
Assigned to Commander Air Pacific in Feb 1946
Assigned to VR-11 in Apr 1946
Assigned to NAS Quonset Point in July 1946
Assigned to Electronic Test at NAS Patuxent River  MD in Jan 1947
Assigned to FACTULANT in Nov 1947
There is a break in the records until assigned to NAS Whidby Island in 1961
Assigned to VX-6 and named "SNAFU" on 20 Novebmer 1961
Converted to R4D-5L
Redesignated LC-47H in 1962
Disposition:  Crashed 6 October 1965 at Williams Field, Antarctica
 17239stricken.jpg (76966 bytes)
Photo from Billy-Ace Baker
From: Bill Spindler <spindle@attglobal.net>
From the Antarctic Journal 1/74:
"On October 6, 1965, an LC-47H (Buno 17239) crashed on the Ross Ice Shelf about 3 miles from Williams Field while taking off after a practice open field landing. The airplane received strike damage when an improperly rigged ski cable slipped and the front of one ski dug into the snow (U. S. Navy Task Force 43, 1966).
From: Daniel Dompe <dand@arn.net>
some help on 17239 - SNAFU 8, crashed on famflight openfield takeoff about 10 miles from Willie field in Oct. 65. I was pc, CDR Van Reeth was the pilot, Len Edleman was radio and I think CDR Moe was copilot, (memory has faded a bit since then) Hit a sastrugi port wing dropped, took prop and nose of eng. off, prop came through fuselage between me and CDR Van Reeth. It was my 3rd flt. on the ice and I was thinking, "what the F--- am I doing here". Went to 320 with Tom Dunn in Jan 65 and enjoyed it after that on the higher, farther, and faster Hercs.
Dan Dompe
From CAPT Moe <JOEDOVER@aol.com>
DanD -
239 gave us quite a ride on that takeoff...you may recall, I was in the right seat giving a checkride to, I believe, LCDR Bender (the prop nicked the  back of his shoulder harness). In any event you and I and the others know "the rest of the story".
I had assured RADM Tuttle, just before we deployed, that we would give him an accident- free year...hey, guys, I'm not perfect!
Moral: If a takeoff is going well, don't veer off to experience "more sastrugi".
You will.

CAPTlet'stry that areaoverthereoops Moe