Douglas S/N 13319
Ordered by USAAF as C-47A-25-DK
USAAF S/N 42-93410
Delivered to USN as R4D-5 at NAS San Diego, CA in May 1944
Assigned to USMC 1944
Assigned to MAG-35 in August 1944
Assigned to AIRFMFPAC in  Nov 1944
Assigned to VMR-152 in Dec 1944
Assigned to MAG-32 in Aug 1945
Assigned to AIRFMFPAC in Jun 1946
Assigned to NAS Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii in June 1946
Assigned to NAS San Diego CA in Sep 1946
Assigned to NAS Columbus OH in Feb 1947
Placed in storage in December 1947
Converted to LC-47H
Assigned to VX-6 in Oct 1963
Disposition:   Withdrawn from use on 18 April 1969 and currently preserved in New Zealand.
On display at the Ferrymead Aeronautical Society, Christchurch, New Zealand
r4d yankee14.jpg (99986 bytes)
Photo by Paul Panehal
r4dferrymead17221.jpg (48239 bytes)
Photo from US Warplanes.net
R4DFerrymead6.jpg (10071 bytes)
Photo by Harold Herles

From: "Paul K. Panehal" panehalp@fdn.com   11 March 2000
This is a picture of 17221 just as we painted it before turning it over to NZ. The crew names are those who died on 2 Feb 1965, recently discussed. Notice Ray's little Kiwi bird and the inscription "It ain't no big thing". It and the number 14 were the only items left on the nose from the 1966 rework at NAC. Also notice the placard holder under the pilots window. That was installed by Frank Daughtery AMS1 (later that year he, Al Spain, and Earl Rudder made ASC) in Jan 1967 due to our starting to fly VIPs and brass around NZ. I left Ch-Ch at the end of July 70, and headed to Glynco.

From: "Paul K. Panehal" panehalp@fdn.com 11 March 2000
17221 changed it's side number when it came to Ch-Ch in 66 while NAC reworked the wings. It was #4 on the Ice till 66 as "Mutha Goose" and #14 as "Kool Kiwi" and "Yankee Tiki..." from July 66 through 69 when it was turned over to the NZ government by Ambassador Henning and the NZ government presented the A/C to the city of Christchurch and the Ferrymead Transportation Museum. There was a formal ceremony at Ch-Ch, it was an overcast day so many of my slides didn't turn out. My wife took my pictures as the VX-6 Det. stood formation. The remaining crew at the time of the turn over was Earl Rudder ASC, Paul K. Panehal AT1, and Chuck Ratliff ADR2. Ray Berger had just transferred, by then. I Don't remember any flights after Ray departed.
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