Douglas C/N 13279
Ordered by USAAF as C-47A-25-DK
USAAF S/N 42-93374
Delivered to USN as R4D-5 at NAS San Diego  CA in May 1944
Transferred to USMC 1944
Assigned to MAG-24 in Aug 1944
Assigned to VMR-153 in Nov 1944.
Assigned to NAS Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii in Mar 1947
Assigned to NAS Alameda CA in April 1947
Assigned to NAS Columbus OH in Feb 1948
Assigned to NAS San Diego CA in Feb 1948
Assigned to MCAS Ewa, Territory of Hawaii in March 1948
Converted to R4D-8 in early 1950s and given new Douglas s/n 43323
Transfered back to USMC
Converted to R4D-8L
Assigned to VX-6 in 22 Nov 1957
Disposition:  Crashed 12 November 1961 in the Sentinel Mountains was damaged beyond repair on landing. (Buz)
(The Squadron Report is the same as what Buz told me)

"On Nov 24, 1961, a Douglas R4D-8L Dakota (17219) was damaged beyond repair while landing in the Sentinel Mountains. The pilot reported that he experinced a rough landing on the open field. During the rollout the left landing gear collapsed resulting in substantial damage to the airplane.  Because of the crash location and the absence of repair facilities, the Dakota was declared not salvageable.  (Air Development Squadron Six, Deep Freeze 62)

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Puckered Pete's Antarctic Newseum webpage on 17219