Douglas C/M 12847
Ordered by USAAF as C-47A-20-DK
USAAF S/N 42-92986
Delivered to USMC as R4D-5 in Apr 1944
Assigned to VMR-253 in Aug 1944
Assigned to VMR-152 in Mar 1945
Assigned to AIRFMFPAC in Apr 1945
Assigned to  NAS Corpus Christi TX May 1945
Assigned to  MAG-15 in Jan 1946
Assigned to VMR-152 in Feb 1946
Assigned to MAG-25 in May 1946
Assigned to CASU-12 in July 1946
Assigned to CASU-44 in Sept 1946
Assigned to FASRON 118 in Oct 1946
Assigned to FASRON ??? on Nov 1946
Assigned to NAS Pear Harbor in May 1947
Converted to R4D-8 in early 1950s with new Douglas s/n 43384
Converted to R4D-8L
Assigned to VX-6 in 1958
Redesignated LC-117D in 1962
Disposition:  Crashed on Sentinel Ridge on 22 November 1962
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