Douglas C/N 12427
Ordered by USAAF as C-47A-10-DK
USAAF S/N 42-92608
Delivered to USN as R4D-5 on 6 Feb 1944
Assigned to VR-7 in Aug 1944
Assigned to NAS Corpus Christi TX in June 1945
Assigned to NAS Quonset Point RI in June 1946
Assigned to NAR at NAS Seattle WA in June 1947
Converted to R4D-8 in early 1950s and assigned new Douglas s/n 43373
Converted to R4D-8L and assigned to VX-6 in 1958
There are discrepancies on the actual mishap date:
Disposition:  Crashed during landing at Byrd Station, Antarctica 24 Dec 1960  (Joe Baugher)
Disposition:  Crashed during landing at Byrd Station, Antarctica   6 Jan 1960  (Jack McKillop)
Disposition:  24 Dec 1959

"On Christmas Eve 1959, an R4D-8L crashed while trying to land during a whiteout condition at Byrd Station.  LT Garland M. Regenar was on final approach when the Dakota stalled and the right wing dropped. Although Regenar applied power and used his rudder to compensate, the right wing hit the surface and broke.  There were no injuries, and the plane was destroyed."  (Air Development Squadron Six, Deep Freeze 60)

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Photos by William Staskel via Harold Herles web page