Lockheed LC-130R-2
Lockheed production number:  4731
Lockheed series number:  382C-65D
Type/Model/Series  LC-130R2
USAF serial number:  76-0492
NSF serial number: 76-3302
US Navy Buno:  160741
Build date:  1976
VXE-6 side number:  XD-01
Disposition:  Transfered to the NYANG.
History:  Owned by the National Science Foundation, operated by VX-6 / VXE-6 from 1974 to 1997. Transfered to AMARC in 1997, removed in 1999 for NSF / NYANG conversion to LC-130H specs.
Disposition:  Operating with the NYANG - NSF conversion to LC-130H completed March 2003.
The Navy LC-130R-2 is the equivalent of the USAF C-130H
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