Lockheed LC-130R-1
The original XD-03
Lockheed production number:  4522
Lockheed series number:  382C-26D
Type/Model/Series  LC-130R-1
US Navy Buno:  159131
USAF serial number:  73-0841
Build date:  1973
VX-6 side number:  N/A
VXE-6 side number:  XD-03
History:  Owned by the National Science Foundation, operated by VX-6 / VXE-6 from 1974 to 1987.
Disposition:  Crashed while attempting landing during recovery of 148321.   Site D59, 09 Dec 87 , Antarctica
The Navy LC-130R-1 is the equivalent of the USAF C-130E
While viewing these photos please remember that two brave men of VXE-6 made the ultimate sacrifice in the Navy's exploration of Antarctica as a result of this mishap.
LCDR Bruce Bailey
AK2 Donal M. Beatty
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Two killed in airplane crash in East Antarctica
- from the Antarctic Journal, March, 1988
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