Lockheed LC-130R-1
Lockheed production number:  4508
Lockheed series number:  382C-26B
Type/Model/Series  LC-130R1
USAF serial number:  73-0839
US Navy Buno:  159129
NSF serial number:  73-3300
Build date:  1973
VX-6 side number: 
VXE-6 side number:  XD-05 
History:  Owned by the National Science Foundation, operated by VX-6 / VXE-6 from 1974 to 1995.
Transfered to AMARC 1995. Selected for the NSF / ANG conversion to LC-130H. Removed from AMARC 1999, to Raytheon, TX for modification to LC-130H.
Disposition:  Transfered to the NYANG as of March 2003
The Navy LC-130R-1 is the equivalent of the USAF C-130E
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XD-05 on display at AMARC
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XD-05 on display at AMARC
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