Lockheed UV-1L / C-130BL / LC-130F
JD-20  /  XD-06
Lockheed C-130 production number:  3565
Lockheed series number:  282C-6B
Type/Model/Series  LC-130F
US Navy Buno:  148320
USAF serial number:  59-5924
Build date:  1959
VX-6 side number:  JD-20
VXE-6 side number:  XD-06 
History: Operated with VX/ VXE-6 from 1961 to 1999. In 1996 ownership was transferred from the US Navy to the National Science Foundation.
Stored at AMARC Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ  09 Mar 99 to June of 2002. Removed from AMARC in 2002 for reasignment to VX-30.
Current Status: Flying with VX-30, NAS Point Mugu, CA.
The Navy UV-1L / C-130BL / LC-130F is the equivalent of the USAF C-130B
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Photo by Chris Bryant
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Photo by Marty Diller
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Photo by Marty Diller
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Photo by Marty Diller
Deep Freeze 92-93 damage to VXE-6 LC-130F XD-06 (148320) after nose ski bow low touchdown at Willy Field, Antarctica. Nose ski, aircraft starboard side skin and structure, starboard main ski, starboard external fuel tank, starboard inboard flap, starboard horizontal stabilizer and elevator damaged.  No injuries. -Marty Diller
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  Photo by Joe Hawkins
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Photo by Joe Hawkins
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Photo by Joe Hawkins
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Photo by Joe Hawkins
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Photo by Joe Hawkins
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Photo by Joe Hawkins
Click here to view a video clip of XD-06 landing with a bow low nose ski.
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Puenta Arenas C130 flight 10-64
(From the OAEA Gazette)
by Dwight D. Fisher, Captain USN (Ret)
(Editor' s note: Dwight is Deputy Head, Polar Research Support Section National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs)
In the summer of 2001, the OAEA initiated a letter writing campaign to the Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), Dr. Rita Colwell,
requesting one of the agency?s LC-130 aircraft for a museum display. On August 27, 2001, Dr. Colwell responded with a letter that was subsequently
published in the Explorer's Gazette, Vol.1, Issue 3, Fall 2001. In the letter, Dr. Colwell explained that the Navy had requested the use of three of the
four LC-130 aircraft that were being stored in the desert of Arizona at Davis-Monthan Air Fore Base. She stated that keeping the aircraft flying and
allowing the Navy to fill a need of theirs was in the best interest of everyone.
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