Lockheed UV-1L / C-130BL / LC-130F
JD-19  /  XD-07
Lockheed production number:  3564
Lockheed series number:  282C-6B
Type/Model/Series  LC-130F
US Navy Buno:  148319
USAF serial number:  59-5923
Build date:  1959
VX-6 side number:  JD-19
VXE-6 side number:  XD-07 
History: Operated with VX/ VXE-6 from 1961 to 1999. In 1996 ownership was transfered from the US Navy to the National Science Foundation.
Current status: In storage at AMARC, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ 10 Mar 1999.
The Navy UV-1L / C-130BL / LC-130F is the equivalent of the USAF C-130B 
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Photo by Chris Bryant
"Betty Boop"
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These photos are from a ground mishap that happened during take off from an open camp during DF 94 on New Years Eve.  No one was injured, and the crew and passengers were back in McMurdo before the night was over. 
My friend AE-3 Pat Branaman was one of the Loadmasters on board.
He had been standing just aft of the crew entrance door on a gunners belt, and had moved aft along with the passengers in order to get a more aft CG.
The mishap occurred on the next take off attempt after he had moved aft.
All photos are from the VXE-6 de-com CD.
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The following photos are from a JATO mishap.  The JATO bottle released
prematurely and struck the starboard wing outboard of the #3 engine.
The aircraft was temp fixed in place and ultimately recovered.
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All photos from the VXE-6 decommissioning CD
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All photos from Billy-Ace Baker