Lockheed UV-1L / C-130BL / LC-130F
Lockheed C-130 production number:  3562
Lockheed series number:  282C-6B
US Navy Buno:  148318
USAF serial number:  59-5922
Build date:  1959
VX-6 side number:  JD-18
History: Operated with VX-6 from 1961 - 1971.
Disposition:  Crashed while attempting takeoff at McMurdo Station Antarctica, 15 Feb 1971. Scrapped in Antarctica.
The Navy UV-1L / C-130BL / LC-130F is the equivalent of the USAF C-130B
"The third plane lost during Deep Freeze 71 was an LC-130F, BUNO 148318 on Febuary 15, 1971. The Hercules was taxiing on the skiway at Williams Field for a flight to Christchurch. It taxied around the Ground Controlled Approach building in poor visibility, and the left main ski went up over a 5 1/2 foot snow bank. The right wing hit the ground and broke between the two engines. A fire, feed by fuel and fanned by high winds destroyed the aircraft (VXE-6, 1971)"
(from "United States Aircraft Losses in Antarctica")
A very good read on the flight testing history (Operation Slide III) of VX-6's UV-1L / C-130BL / LC-130F aircraft is available at the Firebirds.org website starting about halfway down on this webpage: http://www.firebirds.org/menu1/pslide9.htm
billyace318crew61sm.jpg (74073 bytes)
Photo from the collection of
Billy-Ace Penguin Baker
Crew photo of JD-18 circa 1961
vxemay318a.JPG (24370 bytes)
Photo by Bob May
Photo is of 318. It lost a wing while taxing for takeoff at Willims field in 72. It was full of fuel headed for N.Z. to be repaired.  As I remember it had glanced off a peak shortly after take off from an open field and came back to Willy for repairs and then was going to N.Z.
jd1801.JPG (19496 bytes)
Photo from the VXE-6 decom CD
vxemay318.JPG (25493 bytes)
Photo from the collection of  Bob May
jd318.JPG (34548 bytes)
photo from the VXE-6 de-com CD
Australia over the Pole to McMurdo... Sept. 1964..