Douglas C/N 9179
Ordered by the USAAF as a C-47A-1-DL
USAAF S/N 42-23317
Delivered to USMC as R4D-5 in Mar 1943
Assigned to VRM-152 in August 1944
Assigned to MAG-12 in December 1944
Assigned to1st MAW date unknown
Assigned to MAG-14 in April 1945
Assigned to Mag-25 date unknown
Assigned to VRM-152 in July 1945
Assigned to MAG-25 in July 1945
To the USN at NAS San Diego in Dec 1945
Assigned to NAS Jacksonville in January 1946
Assigned to FAW-5 in June 1946
Assigned to FAW-3 in July 1946
Assigned to FASRON 108 in August 1946
Assigned to NAS Quonset Point in June 1948
There is a break in the records until 1956 when it was assigned to MCAS Yuma, AZ
Assigned to NAS Miramar 1956
Redesiganted to C-47H in 1962
Converted to LC-47H
Assigned to VX-6 in Antarctica on 20 October 1963.
Disposition:  Crashed 22 October 1964 on Lillie Glacier Antarctica