C-130 Ski Herc Prototype List
Lockheed Numbers:
Build date /
Current Status
3048 / 182-1A
C-130A /
C-130D /
55-0021 / 158228
1955 /
protoski.jpeg (6047 bytes)
Photo from of Gerry Harris
dc13015822875don.jpg (42154 bytes)
Photo by Don Jay, 1975
55-0021 started life as a C-130A, it was then modified to a prototype C-130D configuration.  It was demodified back to a  C-130A, and at some point it was modified to DC-130A (drone launcher / controller) specs.  It was sold to the US Navy and was flown until June of 1979 when it was transfered to Davis-Monthan.  It has been used a a parts bird for the remaining DC-130A's, there is not much left of it.
Current location / disposition
Bob Daley reported in Dec 2002 that 55-0021 has placed up for scrap sale.
More info about 55-0021 can be found at this direct page:   http://www.firebirds.org/menu13/mnu13_p1.htm