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VAQ-35 Greywolves

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They saved the best for the last!!

Thanks to VAQ-35 Shipmate ATC Daniel L. Verble for all of the VAQ-35 items!


VAQ-35 DET Bermuda. 
Life dosen't get any better!
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Anyone with ANY information about VAQ-35 please email me!

1991 June: VAQ-35 Grey Wolves Established

NAS Whidbey Island

1993 October: VAQ-35 Grey Wolves Disestablished

NAS Whidbey Island

Aircraft flown:

The Grumman EA-6B Prowler

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NWSA2591. Cohen gives green light to production of the Navy's Super Hornet
NWSA2592. COMSIXTHFLT praises Silver Wake Sailors, Marines
NWSA2593. VAQ-142 to be reestablished
NWSA2594. Sailors assist after Ohio River floods
NWSA2595. NMCB-133 earns 1996 Peltier Award
NWSA2596. Daylight saving time begins April 6
NWSA2597. USS Vincennes to relieve USS Hewitt in Japan
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-USN- -USN- NWSA2593. VAQ-142 to be reestablished
-- Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron (VAQ) 142 will be reestablished April 3 at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Wash. VADM Brent Bennitt, commander Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, is the scheduled guest speaker. In 1994, DOD decided to replace the Air Force's aging EF-111A Raven with more EA-6B squadrons to meet all services' airborne electronic warfare needs. The squadron will operate primarily in direct support of an Air Force Composite Wing when it becomes operational in 1998. The squadron will have 23 Navy officers, four Air Force officers and nearly 150 enlisted personnel. Although their first deployment will be land-based, the squadron will maintain carrier qualifications and the flexibility to operate from the sea. The EA-6B is a high-performance, electronic combat aircraft that detects and jams enemy radar, communications and associated electronic emitters. Originally established in 1988, VAQ-142 deployed with Carrier Air Wing 6 aboard USS Forrestal (CV-59) to the Mediterranean Sea in 1989-90. In 1991, the squadron changed missions and became VAQ-35 with a fleet training support role. VAQ-35 sent more than 40 detachments to 16 locations around the world. It was disestablished in October 1993 and its mission was absorbed by reserve squadrons on the East and West Coasts. The squadron will stand-up under the command of CDR Patrick D. Keller.