Squadron Gedunk
The Squadron Gedunk is open for business!
I have worked out a deal with
Plane Crazy Enterprises
If you order from Plane Crazy and mention the VAQ-34 web site
you will recieve free shipping.
For your convienence I have posted the items of VAQ-34 interest here. 
Please check out their web site to see their collection and to order these and many other items.
item # description price (subject to change)
00503B A-3 Skywarrior PARTY WHALE in Tux $6.99
00539B A-3 Skywarrior "KILLER WHALE" (orange) $7.99
01161B A-7 Corsair II FLYING FOR FREEDOM 5 $8.99
01553B A-7 Corsair II "Echo Driver" $4.99
02021B A-3 SKYWARRIOR Shoulder Triangle $6.99
00275E VAQ-34 FLASHBACKS Squadron insignia $7.99
00276E VAQ-34 FLASHBACKS with red star logo(aggressor patch) $7.99
ZAP0125 VAQ-34 Decal VAQ-34 FLASHBACKS Squadron Insignia Decal $2.99
ZAP0043 A-3 Killer Whale Decal A-3  "Killer Whale" 7" Decal $8.99
HOOK5 LTV A-7 Corsair II NEW Tailhook "HOOKPOINT $69.99
0L268E VAQ-34 Flashbacks F-18 Hornet Shoulder Bullet $5.99
PL193 VAQ-34 FLASHBACKS Plaque - Squadron Insignia With A-3
Skywarrior And A-7 Corsair In Flight - Laser Cut Wood 6x9
A3L Douglas A-3 SKYWARRIOR Litho By Hank Caruso "FINAL WAKE OF THE WHALE" 13x16 Full Color Aerocature Look At The History Of The "WHALE $9.99

Other stuff

T115 VAQ-33 FIREBIRDS Aviator name tag $4.99
T136 VAQ-35 GREYWOLVES NFO name tag $4.99
0L625E VAQ-35 GREYWOLVES Squadron Patch $11.99
T114 VAQ-35 GREYWOLVES Aviator name tag $4.99
PL155 VAQ-35 GREYWOLVES Plaque - Squadron Logo And EA-6B
Prowler Aircraft- Laser Cut Image On Wood 9x12
02020E EA-3B Skywarrior/VQ-2 Batmen Desert Storm $8.99
01988E VQ-2 BATMEN Squadron Insignia(w/sandman logo) $7.99