GD 202
Crashed 19 July 1990  
unknowen_151743.jpg (129857 bytes)
Photo by unknown
vaqa7s8802al.jpg (91040 bytes)
Photo by Brian Lockett
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BrokeA7.jpg (26562 bytes)
Photo by Joe Hawkins
Update 3 July 1999:
The EA-7L went into the hills above Santa Barbara .An investigation followed, and  there was never an answer to what actually caused the ejection. Both the pilot and the nav said they were flying along north of Santa Barbara one minute, and were rocketing through the air the next. Talk about a surprise!!! An intense search of the hills failed to turn up the ejection seats, so  the answer as to what happened is still lying in the hills above Santa Barbara. Some things are simply meant to be mysteries
vern202crashcrewphoto.JPG (93771 bytes)
Photo from the collection of Vern Valdez
GD 202 crash recovery crew 
From the
Santa Barbara News-Press
(click here for the link to the on line newspaper)
Paper clippings from the collection of Cliff Littlejohn
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vaq202cmap.JPG (54340 bytes)
The map


vaq202cfire.JPG (47128 bytes)
Fire on a hillside in the Las Padres National Forest with a fire bomber above.
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